Gérald Coniel Gérald Coniel is Director and co-owner at Junk Mail Publishing, South Africa.

Modern day globe trotter, self-made business man, and passionate mountain biker,  re just a few of the very different ways you could describe Gerald Coniel. His career as an entrepreneur in the publishing world has taken him and his family to live all over the world in the past two decades. Father of two, married to a Finnish woman, and fluent in several languages, Gerald is the epitome of the 21st century global lifestyle. Add to this his resilient attitude of never giving up, a strong sense of humor, a large dose of French culture, a hint of Scandinavian coolness, and you start to understand who we are dealing with. Beware, his enthusiasm is contagious! - Gérald Coniel ist auch Autor eines Buches über eine Fahrradtour durch Afrika (in englischer Sprache): The Slow Way Down.

felixerken Felix Erken is Group Managing Director and co-owner at Junk Mail Publishing, South Africa. Involved initially from the launch of the product as a sales representative, tele canvasser, photo agent, promoted to sales manager buildng a team and encompassing all sales management functions. Launched the Cape Town branch once promoted to a General Manager of Cape Town encompassing all functions of running a regional branch. Promoted to Managing Director encompassing hands all duties and responsibilities of running the entire Company in South Africa.